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It’s time to take control. Live your best life ever!

Would you like more time and energy?

Are you ready to take responsibility for your health, and enjoy the amazing benefits that flow on to your family and friends?

Do you feel identified by your work and your responsibilities? Would you like to re-create yourself?

Do you think you could have more joy in your relationships?

Would you like to learn about great food and lifestyle that give you freedom and deliciousness?

Then hello, you’re in the right place.

Welcome! I’m Daniel Blake.

I believe that giving you the tools to upgrade your health and lifestyle is the gateway to inspiring your passion for vitality, longevity, abundance and personal power.

I believe that – for many of us – we have lost touch with the innate sense of wisdom that tells us what our body needs. We’re caught up with our jobs, life dramas, “keeping up”, having more, getting “things” done and looking a certain way. We have (not great) habits that – frankly – don’t support us living our best life.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was unhappy with my weight, had no “time” for exercise, had a daughter who regularly complained of a sore stomach and a son who got eczema, I was annoyed by the constant pressure of coming up with family food for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and not to mention all the snacks in between), feeling a complete lack of energy and not at all happy having no control of my health and longevity.

In fact many people get to a point that they wonder what life is all about and why they get caught up in so many distractions. They start to think about their habits and desire a lifestyle that’s more centred, more spiritual and – simply – more supportive of their longevity and happiness. Well, that’s what happened to me.

I believe that we can reclaim this innate wisdom.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
From a high-rise corporate career to the maternity ward, to supporting a thriving family and home to reclaiming my health, identity and happiness, I’m living proof that small upgrades, daily action and believing in yourself can result in vitality and joy… and a positive ripple effect across family and friends!
“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”


I’m known to be a good listener, motivating, inspiring and extremely well organised, which makes me a great member of your team. I believe that small upgrades + consistent action = lifelong benefits and I care very deeply about you achieving results.

“Being organised is about more than finding things quickly. It’s about that incredible sense of wellbeing and productivity that comes from being in control, and having more time for the enjoyable things in life.”
Kikki. K


Through my regular email tips, my monthly newsletters and my private or group coaching products or the events I’m involved in, you will:

–       learn how to care for and love yourself

–       look at your whole life and work on creating more balance

–       understand the foods to add in that will boost your health

–       experiment with foods that work best for you

–       expand your existing beliefs

–       receive tips on recipes and preparing food

–       inspire changes that have a ripple effect across your family and friends.

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Of course I don’t know it all, far from it. But I am committed to supporting my customers experiment to find what works best for them as well as sharing the best of what me and my family are living and learning.

“Daniel, I have enjoyed every moment of my journey with you. You are inspiring, supportive, informed, knowledgeable, encouraging, a great listener and a skilled coach! Thank you for walking beside me on this great journey of transformation!”

Daniel Blake – bio

A background in corporate marketing has come in very handy to enable a passion for food and lifestyle to become a busy business. Anita has been trained by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (a school in New York) and certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners as a Holistic Health Coach.

He loves to share her passion for food consciousness and many people have said that this has inspired them to look at their own lives and make changes to improve their health and lifestyle habits.

He has worked with ladies supporting them to embrace their unique beauty, to continue to re-create themselves and enhance their relationships, whilst making small and continuous upgrades to their food culture that achieves their life goals.

“Usually we are too busy to stop and think about how we are living our lives.  I found Daniel’s sessions were a great way to stop and focus on what I could do to improve my health, not just from a nutritional point of view but from a whole mind and body perspective.  Daniel definitely came into my life at the right time and I would recommend anyone considering health coaching to go for it.” Christine Moore, WA

He has worked with men to enhance their understanding of food and lifestyle, to challenge their status quo, to take responsibility for their health and implement upgrades that give them more energy, and better health outcomes.

“As blokes, we often talk a ‘big game’ when it comes to diet and exercise, but can struggle to maintain the moment.
Having a qualified health coach in your corner can make a huge difference.

Daniel is an excellent health coach. Her knowledge and passion for healthy living is contagious and makes you really consider what you are putting in your mouth and the benefits of making simple, but sustainable lifestyle adjustments.”

Richard Kohinga, Director, KPMG, Doha, Qatar

And she has worked with mothers to understand food intolerances in their family – and indeed in her own – and helped to implement a food culture that supports these intolerances such as gluten- and dairy-free as well as low sugar eating. Her practical advice always includes simple, nutritious and delicious food ideas.

Daniel is a big fan of cooking for deliciousness but likes to keep life in the kitchen very simple and fun. She believes that embracing her core beliefs, a practice of meditation, nurturing her creative spirit and allowing herself time to enjoy yoga, pilates and eating lunch on the grass in the sunshine is all critical to her health and happiness.

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”
Michael Pollan