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How To Have Clear Skin

How To Have Clear Skin

Having clear skin is perhaps one of the most sought after dream of many people. There is nothing more pleasing to look at than a person having clear, smooth skin. But because aging is a natural process and our surroundings get so polluted not to mention hormones, our skin may have to undergo different changes that may cause it to have skin problems and the most common is acne. The good news is there are actually ways on how we can improve our skin and enhance it.

First of all, before you get into any type of regimen for your skin you must first find out what the cause is. Knowing the root of your skin problem will allow you to look for ways to deal with it. Here are some of the major causes of skin acne:

We know that during our teen years, acne is common because this is the time when hormones are at its peak and puberty happens. But as we get past through our puberty stage, some of us still have the same acne problem. At this point, we must understand that acne is also contributed by genes but this doesn’t mean stopping to look into other factors that may be the cause of your acne problem.

Hygiene plays a big role when it comes to caring for the skin. Be sure that before you doze off at night, your make up has been completely removed, you have washed your face and apply a good moisturizer according to your skin type. This is a basic routine that we can all follow to ensure that our skin is free of dust and dirt that can clog up our pores causing pimples. Facials are also an efficient way to ensure deep cleansing on your skin.

According to experts, another major reason why a lot of people suffer from acne is because of the wrong diet and unhealthy lifestyle. Foods that are oily or high in saturated fat can cause pimples and skin breakouts. Be sure to munch veggies and fruits as they are powerful antioxidants that help in cleansing not just the skin but the whole body as well. Smoking and excessive alcohol drinking may also attribute to having unhealthy skin.

Is Popping a Pimple Okay?

We all have to admit that we once (or even more) tried to pop those enormous zits on our face! But this is perhaps the most common mistake that most of us has done because the truth of the matter is, popping a pimple is allowed but it needs to be done by a skin expert at a salon and not by our bare hands. The reason for this is because if we pop out the pimple on our own, chances are bruising the capillaries in the skin only causing redness and irritation. Some even end up worse where the area becomes inflamed and eventually scars get seen.

The proper routine for skin care should have the following: cleanser, toner and moisturizer. In order for these three to really work well you must go for products that are for your skin type otherwise it won’t work for you.

Make sure that you wash your face in the morning and before you sleep. Go for mild yet deep cleansers and when you wash your face use warm water so that your pores open and get cleansed.

If you really want to have radiant and healthy skin, you need to make sure to keep it hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. Don’t forget to include fruits and veggies in your diet. Avoid foods that are high in fats, salt and sugar because they cause slow digestion making it hard for the body to absorb the essential nutrients.

Getting a shade of sun is fine, it adds up color and life to our skin but too much of it can be harmful too. In order to keep our skin protected from it, be sure to put on sunscreen that has at least SPF 15. Rub around your face and neck.

High levels of stress, too much drinking and smoking greatly attribute to skin problems. The skin is the very first thing that manifests in our body on how healthy we are. Notice how people who are loaded with numerous vices happen to have dull skin? The vices explain it all.

Your line of work or your daily routine may require you to wear make-up and with this, you must place extra effort in cleansing your skin before you sleep. Removing make up allows your skin to breathe. Mineral make up is recommended to those who have skin problems because it is much lighter on the skin.

This is perhaps one of the most common advices given to people who long to have clear skin. Getting enough sleep means giving your body the opportunity to rejuvenate allowing you to look and feel fresher when you wake up.

Having clear skin isn’t about spending on costly treatments or cosmetics. It is mainly about getting the right information and doing the right things to your skin. These are just some of the many tips out there to having clear and healthy skin but these happen to be the easiest to do and the least costly among others. Follow these simple tips and see positive changes in the long run.