Spa Treatments For Kids

Spa treatments have gained popularity with the adult crowd in recent years, so it seems only logical that the trend would eventually trickle down to teens and kids. And trickle it has, with both big and small spas offering a variety of treatments to children as young as six. Many parents have leaped onto the bandwagon to have their kids preened and pampered just like the big folk is.  However, others question whether young kids need to have these specialty treatments, or if the spa experience is even good for them.

What Spas Offer

While full body wraps and saunas may not be appropriate for the juvenile crowd, many kids enjoy massages, manicures, pedicures and a variety of facials. Some of the treatments are designed for an afternoon of mother/daughter bonding while others are restricted to the kids alone. Teens can enjoy an even greater diversity in spa treatments, with an emphasis on healthy choices and high-quality skincare. The idea behind these treatments is to teach children and teens the benefits of good hygiene and reduce the stress that even the young in our society is experiencing today. Self-image also comes into play, as a pampering treatment can make the recipient feel better about herself and her appearance. Destination spas are including full family treatment choices that allow the entire clan to get in on the spa action while enjoying an indulgent stay in a luxurious resort location.

The Good

Many parents are appreciating the opportunity to expose their kid to the spa experience at a younger age. Some believe that focusing on health and beauty practices will teach children to develop their own good hygiene habits. Others realize that stress management and reduction is an important component of healthy teen years today. An afternoon of pampering treatments can go far in helping a teenager deal with issues like peer pressure, competition, and self-esteem. Many parents and kids alike simply find the spa to be a fun experience that is worth indulging in on occasion.

The Bad

There are many opponents to the spa experience for kids as well. Some psychologists and other child development experts fear that an introduction to the spa experience at a younger age will put too great of an emphasis on outward appearance and spending money to feel good. Many questions whether there is any value to exposing children to the spa at all since inner beauty and other attributes like compassion and kindness are more important for kids to learn about in the early years. Many parents agree with the point of view of these experts and have banned the spa experience for their children until they are much older.

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Whatever your view on the spa experience for children, the popularity of the practice indicates that spas for kids are here to stay. The next time you head to your local spa for a manicure or massage, you may have the option to bring your daughter with you for a treatment of her own. Just like wearing makeup and piercing ears, you will now have to decide when your child is ready for the spa.